Executives in the Procurement to Pay organizations of enterprises often identify Risk as a leading concern for success. Risk mitigation in the Procure to Pay organization is critical to the success of enterprise operations – to meet the increasing demands of customers, for which corporations depend on their Procure to Pay organization to provide the necessary goods and services on schedule and at maximum value.

As the pressure grows on the P2P department, the risk has grown exponentially. External impacts that were never a risk in the past have morphed into a tidal wave of disruption including but not limited to:

  • Pandemics

  • Constant global political upheaval

  • Internal labor shortages

  • Goods and services shortages

  • Never-ending changes to regulations and laws

  • Sustainability requirements

  • Transportation deficiencies, and

  • Environmental issues

To remain competitive, the P2P organization must aggressively search for leading-edge intelligent technology that will drive immediate improvement in peak procure-to-pay performance efficiencies. This improvement will enable increased revenue and decreased cost of goods and services. Spotline provides intelligent digital assistants that remove mundane tasks while providing employees the ability to quickly communicate with internal and external stakeholders to mitigate risk. Spotline’s innovative P2P digital assistants enable senior and mid-level management to focus their efforts on other results-oriented requirements since the risk related to non-compliance, poor vendor relations, and operational distractions are significantly reduced.

To understand more about how affordable P2P smart Digital Assistants can reduce risk in your P2P organization, see the solution here.

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