Recent comments from readers of this series combined with continual research has shown that monetary impact is a key component of Procurement digital transformation! The monetary concerns components include but not limited to inflation control, cost reduction and working capital optimization. In addition, supply chain continuity and analytic visibility are major concerns in procurement. With these pressing issues in mind, it is prudent to understand how ensuring employee retention favorably impacts Procurement’s role in exceeding expectations related to concerns stated above.

Is your corporation frantically searching for experienced procure to pay employees? Are you experiencing a significant turnover in P2P staff? Is your current staff frustrated due to constant changes in external regulations and internal policies and procedures? Are your employees resistant to technology because they have to utilize numerous screens and apps to complete a single task? If your P2P organization is experiencing these scenarios, you are certainly not alone. The continual turmoil in P2P staffing often has a major impact on vendor relations, especially with critical key vendors. It typically takes a significant amount of time to understand and establish relationship with vendors. With the growing shortages disrupting the supply chain it is essential that your vendor relationships are strong to ensure your operations are not impacted due to delays and excessive cost of goods and services.

Another often understated impact of excessive employee turnover is the excessive load on training. Training is typically provided in scheduled classes. High turnover results in new employees often having to work without the advantage of attending a scheduled training class. Being required to accomplish procurement tasks without training can quickly result in employee burnout. Many corporations are discovering that the utilization of intelligent digital assistant innovations temper employee frustration by providing efficient user interfaces that empower “in the moment” sole source of the truth.

Digital assistants eliminate the aggravation stemming from the need to jump from one app to another in order to complete a single task. The virtual assistant provided by Spotline eliminates much of the frustration encountered by internal and external stakeholders as they search for specific information such as procurement document status or approvals.

We talked about the impact of training earlier in this post. Training is enhanced by providing digital access to focused training documentation, whether text or video. The ability to enter an inquiry in natural language and receive a focused immediate response reduces the time required to complete the task while also ensuring accuracy and compliance. Employee job satisfaction grows daily when they are provided with the Spotline digital tools to work smarter resulting in significant improvement in employee retention. Fully trained procurement professionals working in less stressful environments equates to optimal cost and stability in the supply chain. The intelligent tools provided by Spotline further a strong foundation for corporate digital transformation. Analytics included in Spotline Digital Assistant provide direct and immediate insight into bottlenecks so that effective continual process improvements are implemented.

To understand more about how affordable P2P smart Digital Assistants can help in employee retention in your P2P organization, see the solution here.

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